This horror can’t happen! Oh, that has happened” (Ez. 27:36 MSG).

I’ve recently faced some sudden changes. Some of these welcomed surprises have been out-of-the-blue. Other situations have resembled more out-of-the-black than out-of-the-blue.

While I try to wrap my head around these adjustments, a story from Ezekiel reminded me that others have faced plot twists.  Ezekiel 27 talked about businessmen from Tyre who hit some unforeseen circumstances. Their corporate headquarters were located at a seaside gateway which led to waves of net wealth.

Merchants and customers savored a steady flow of trees, spices, animals, wheat, oil, and honey. They enjoyed the abundant life until. Until one pivotal voyage. One day, sailors loaded their ships and set their colorful sails toward the mighty sea.

Until. Until one eastern storm. Until one total shipwreck. All treasures sunk. The bottom of the sea became an unforeseen burial ground for animals, trees, food, and whatever other booty was loaded on their ship.

The sailors started their business voyage with anticipation, but it ended in devastation. They cried, “This horror can’t happen!” (Ez. 27:36 MSG). But it did.

God allowed one storm to cause a material power outage. Survivors were left to salvage their body and character. What personal qualities stayed float? Which of their motives sank? What priorities needed to shift?

A few weeks ago, I echoed the cries of these sailors. “This horror can’t happen!” My rising waves have caused me to chart new courses. I’ve asked myself, “Christina, what really matters beyond today? What will remain urgent after this week or this month? Only God can give me a break in the clouds.

I have more questions than answers right now. I have more gaps than fillings. I spend this watch-and-wait time to become aware of what I’m to claim and what I’m to scrap. I’m unsure YET (my 2023 word of the year). However, I’m prompted to trust that bright skies are on the horizon. Until then, I stay close to the Captain of my eternal ship.

Readers! Your turn!

Where have you set your sails (or sales)?

What recent storms have you faced?

What blue skies have you discovered?

What have you done differently that you wouldn’t have done without a storm in your life?

I want to hear your story! Share your input in the comment section. Together, let’s ship out on our voyage to discover lessons and blessin’s!  

Sailing from sea to shining see,


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