Today, my husband Tig and I celebrate nearly 30 years of marriage. I dedicate today’s FROG Blog to him.

The following photo is not our official wedding photo, but from the cover of my book, “Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens and Worn-Out Underwear.” I dedicate this book excerpt to Tig in honor of the memories we’ve made and lessons we’ve learned. 

Tig, when we wonder if our “for better or worse” vows  said, “Best or Worst,” I’m grateful  our faithful practice in this marriage game adventure has sustained us for nearly three decades! 


(p. 14-15) I share a memorizing mishap when I drove to watch Tig race one weekend. We traveled repeatedly to this track and knew its final turnoff was at a specific large blue pole shed and house. We knew it as “the left turn at the large blue house.” The left turn at the blue house, as if there were no other left turns and no other blue houses in that long stretch of country road.

Typically, we ride to races as a family, but for whatever reason I drove separately from the truck, trailer, and race car crew. I allotted extra time in case I got to the track early to run a couple of miles before subjecting myself to several hours of bleacher bottom in the track stands. The drive seemed to take longer and the dashboard clock confirmed that I should have been at the track 20 minutes prior. I kept my focus toward the left turn at the blue house.

Speed read past a potentially long story of asking directions more than once, adding an hour of travel time, and sixty miles on the car, I recognized the blue house (which was now a right-hand turned for reasons you can speculate). The blue house had been painted cream with white shutters since we were at the racetrack. The story remains a family joke whenever we use landmarks as directional cues. Someone responds with an adaptation of: “Hopefully the owners haven’t gotten bold enough to paint their buildings since we drove there last time.”

Meanwhile, back from the now yellow house, formerly known as the left turn at the blue house…

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