Every year, since 2008, I incorporate a Word of the Year. I feature a word that represents my greatest challenge, journal those observations and review them on New Year’s Eve. 2023 is my Year of YET.

I choose a song and scripture that represents that word. This year, it’s Job 8:7 and Danny Gokey’s song, “Haven’t Seen It Yet.”

When I told my friend Brandy what yet means to me, she said, “BUT is a pause that waits for YET to happen.” Brilliant!

Friend, like you, I face several “yets.” Broken promises, loss of relationships, lack of routine, health declines. Sometimes, I feel like jungle elephants trample me while I dodge swarms of beetles.

I know how I’m supposed to show up for life, yet I feel fragile. I picture a life I want to experience, yet many vines entangle me. For now, I’m unclear of details, yet this is what I know today:

*Appearances are different than they appear. From the water bank, a fisherman looks like he’s standing in a boat with a stick. What’s his purpose? How long will he stand there? What’s he waiting for?

*Yet indicates there’s more to come…anticipation, plot twist, surprise. Wait! There’s more!

*Surprises aren’t always what I expect. To me, a surprise party is anything but a celebration. Yet others appreciate that shock.

*There’s a gap in my wisdom and understanding, yet I know I’ll discover them when it’s time.

*I’ve learned that unconditional love doesn’t include “but” or sometimes “even though”. For example, “I love her, but… “and “I love him, even though…” Unconditional love does not mean staying in harmful circumstances or toxic relationships. I have a responsibility to love, yet sometimes from a distance. 

*Allow versus force. Invite instead of dictate. Encourage rather than attempts to control results.

*Hero stories and movies are created around yet moments. In the bible, puny shepherd boy David faced a 7-foot Goliath yet killed him with one stone. On the Titanic, it looked like all passengers would drown, yet Rose survived. Even Hallmark writes yet into their scripts. We anticipate a happy ending, yet there’s conflict that ensues before the resolution.

For now, I have some big holes and want yet experiences to fill those gaps. I need to shovel beyond the current but and believe yet is coming.  I think, “but these proverbial elephants and swarming beetles have wearied me.” Yet somehow, I know there’s an opening in this jungle experience when it’s time.

“But God, what if a, b, c happens?” Yet I believe my God created not only better, but best options. “But Jesus, what if x, y, z doesn’t happen? Yet I anticipate I’ll have perseverance to adapt.

Lord, deliver me from fear that I won’t have whatever it takes to face life’s hiccups. Give me stamina to see beyond delays and blockages.

Slightly restless, yet shifting gears to move forward,


Readers! Your turn! What is your 2023 word of the year? How will you practice your word?

I anticipate our support for each other, even though we’re all discovering this year, one minute at a time.

Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly (Job 8:7).

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