I’m blessed to be married to a Mr. Fix-It man. Tig is the first to admit he’s not a handyman when it comes to home repairs. He’s amazingly talented in gearhead operations including restoring and using frugality to enjoy motorsports on a shoestring budget. He excels in vehicle maintenance, spends endless hours researching car builds, and imparts innumerable statistics about nearly every engine. Tig is fearless in finding atypical ways to fabricate a solution. Mistakenly I once thought I complimented him on a garage endeavor by saying, “Amazing! You cobbled that project seamlessly together!” He amusingly but pointedly told me amateurs do cobble jobs, he fabricated this repair.

Considering all his qualities, we reached a wilted patch in our marital lily pad in the FROG blog. Figuratively, the wheels have fallen off from pieces of our individual lives and family’s lives. We have been in tow truck and repair mode for many months. This long span of heavy fabrication has thrown a wrench into our marriage. We’ve allowed square wheel situations to put the brakes on our own relationship vehicle.

I got a sunrise view from the lily pad this morning. Together we’ve faithfully scraped our knuckles and changed life’s flats. We’ve been each other’s pit crew and relied on our Crew Chief. Recently, in our weariness, we’ve changed gears and instead of centering on God’s guidance to accelerate or brake, we grabbed the wheel. We had, and still have, pure intentions to help each other through this construction zone but have not necessarily respected speed limits or lane deviations.

Tig and I slowly shifted our resilient flow to fixate. Our overall joy got eaten because we ‘fix-ated’. To avoid further ‘as-fix-iation’ we realign love into our lifetime warranty. Instead of resembling bulldozers in a garden, we recognize the need to ride together on a tractor. As we sit side-by-side on this tractor of life, I trust Tig has already planned to fabricate a larger motor or louder exhaust system.

Joyfully coasting instead of fixing the pedal to the metal in four-wheel drive, Christina

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