#9 Project Courage

Happy Views Day! The list grows as I publish another fact from “Get to Know the Author” (aka Project Courage 2021-2022) Best Childhood Trip: South Dakota where I fell in love with prairie dogs Travel the world of your mind, Christina

#8 Weekly Reveal

Happy Views Day! Thank You! Your feedback encourages me to continue posting “Getting to Know My Heart.” Here’s #8 of my 52 weekly reveals: Favorite comedians: Danny Bhoy and Sebastian Laughing my way to tighter ab muscles, Christina

Revealing #6

Happy Views Day! #6 in my weekly “Getting to Know the Author” in a year: Favorite book genre: Fiction: historical stories about Amish life Nonfiction: biographies, especially authors and wise sages Read on! Christina

Reveal #5

Happy Views Day! An inside peak from the FROG Blog: #5 fact for a “Year of Getting to Know the Author”: Musical Instruments I’ve learned to play: Accordion Piano Recorder In tune, Christina

Behind the scenes

Happy Views Day! Today is #4 of my year’s worth of sharing a “not readily known about the author” fact: Favorite veggies: Celery topped with peanut butter Chopped broccoli drizzled with olive oil Green beans and fresh mushrooms sprinkled with dill Red peppers dipped with spicy hummus A walk through the garden of life, Christina

#3 of 52 reveals

Happy Views Day! To honor my one-year commitment to reveal one “Get to Know the Author’s Backstory,” here is #3. Favorite color combination: Lime green and royal purple or mint green and lilac. Christina

#2 of the 52 reveals

Happy Views Day! Last Tuesday, I posted my first of a year’s worth of, “Things You May Not Know About Me.” Today is #2 from “The Underside of a FROG’s Lily Pad.” My 5-year-old answer to, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” A kindergarten teacher (that was before I started babysitting…

Under the lily pad

Welcome to my latest adventure, Project Views Day. It’s a 52 week practice that invites me to become more courageous. Project Views Day was inspired by someone in my microscopic circle of friends who noticed how I’m guarded whenever people ask me anything more personal than my favorite season (hint: anytime it’s over 75 degrees)….

Mindful Midwest Missions

I’m in the Midwest this summer on a mission trip and book promo tour. I’m promoting my latest release, “Knee Deep: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator” and three previous books (titles listed HERE). Tadpoles and Poetry Pod from the FROG Blog series are slated to publish this year. My book Unthawed…