A bow to courage for this week’s FROG Blog.

A friend introduced me to the importance of daily affirmations. I realize I’ve practiced affirmations in the form of my life manifestation.

This friend’s affirmations include:

“I am available for outrageously wonderful things to come into my life now and always.”

“I am a magnet for indescribable wealth and good fortune.”

“I flow with the universe and experience miracles daily.”

“I attract people into my life who make me feel loved and supported.”

In 2018, I wrote my speak-into-existence manifestation after a friend told me she wrote “Declarations toward Destiny.” She speaks her declarations aloud, watches, and waits for fruition to be uniquely revealed. I’m honored that she trusted me to listen to her inspired declarations toward destiny.

My lifework results from who I am. I do what I do because of who I am and believe.

My goal is to respond to what truly supports me eternally, to be grateful for what has transpired. Persevere and believe in what is YET to come to you!  

My Manifestation

I will write, teach workshops, & conduct transitional life/loss support coaching sessions in natural sanctuaries.

I believe it. I receive it (or something better).

God is limitless.

Creator provides all.

The universe sustains my calling.

Spirit flows.

No ceilings.

No floors.

God fling open your doors!

Be open to limitless goodness and beauty.



Reader! Your turn! I invite you to join me in a bow to your courageous truth. Leave your affirmations in the comment section or message me through Facebook (Search Christina M Eder. You found my page if you see me with a lime green shirt and purple scarf 😊)

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