A water-logged reflection from this morning’s lily pad. I walked a marina trail and observed early morning fishermen. Some fishermen casted from a boat, some fished from the lake bank, and some threw their lines from the pier. All fishermen appeared to have a similar quest, to reel in a catch. I was curious to know their beneath-the-surface stories that brought them to the lake. Did they show up at the water’s edge with their spirit resembling net fishing or spear fishing? Spear fishing and net fishing both spawn a catch, but the procedure is drastically different.

Figuratively, we’re all in a similar boat on earth. We navigate various water sources, practice diversity in sailing our life vessels, and use assorted bait, yet we dive into a common hunting zone. We’re fishing for why and how our life stream flows into a larger ocean. Sometimes we “flounder.” Hopefully, we’re searching within awake zone instead of a no wake zone!

I paddle life’s currents with a blend between wanting to jump from my boat with carefree abandon or hunkering near the hull. I default toward daring to dance the rapids, but sometimes I rationalize that I’m ‘waiting out a storm’ (i.e. avoidance of a decision or delaying a move). Occasionally, I’m guided to seek protection from verifiable hazard, not simply due to a concocted danger I imagined.

I write the FROG blog to represent Fully Rely On God. There’s a continual paddle to live what I write, and to faithfully practice what I learn and understand. There’s a universal surge of peer pressure. To some extent, people of all ages around the world experience a burden of comparison. As an adult, I frequently face an altered description of ‘pier pressure.’

If I say God is my Captain who is responsible for all water to sail my course, why do I cling to worldly piers for protection (i.e. money, creature comforts, completed checklists)? Other times, I use a pier to jump into water which isn’t mine to swim. I use my piers (prayer times) to load and unload concerns and joys onto my Creator’s barge.

If I can trust manmade planks and chains to keep me afloat and tethered to security, why do I distrust the strength of God’s immovable anchor? In the sometimes-tumultuous water of my inner vessel, when I use the Creator’s Pier as my command station, I can enjoy carefree dock jumping into any water He chooses.

Jesus, continue to navigate my course so I may wisely channel ‘pier pressure.’ Help me be a fisher of men by using a net, not a spear. Be my Lifeguard, Christina

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