RIP. I visualize a figurative tombstone. Rest In Peace.

I’m in situational circumstances where my weakness nearly buries me. My typical self-control has been replaced with unfamiliar abrasiveness.

“When you can’t change your situation, you can change your character.” I agree. My disposition has become shady, and I’ve fallen behind a spiritual eclipse. I feverishly want to purge this blackness.

 I talked to my Creator about this character defect and midway through my morning plea, I paused. I heard my spirit gently whisper, “Rest in Peace Christina.”

“Rest? Peace? Now? I’ve got places to go, timelines to meet, and I need to reconcile this ugliness before I face my day.”

Yet, in that hush, I sensed, “Rest. Be gentle. You’re trying too hard. Rest in Me and leave the rest to Me.”

I was (and am) too weary to argue, especially with God. Rest in Peace. It was if I saw life behind a tombstone’s inscription. It became an invitation to sentence doubt, fear, agitation, and restlessness to death. I’m overdue to replace my grave clothes with a dancing gown, to accept and celebrate life as it is now.  

Currently, I have little proof what may reflect newfound life. I don’t see an end to recurring darkness right now, but somehow this visual of a tombstone grounds me. It reminds me to exhume this imposter from my character. I’ll experience resurrected spirit when I step into a brighter light.

The rest is history. The rest is present. My rest is in the future.

Casting different lures into fresh waters and new rivers,


Reader! Thoughts?

…make every effort to add…goodness, knowledge…self-control…perseverance…godliness…mutual affection…love. 2Peter 1:5-7

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