Summer savories. Stop at a farmer’s road stand. Let peach and strawberry juice drip across your lips. Sit by a campfire and read a book. I hope you’ll slow yourself long enough to fully embrace this summer season!

Poetry Pod: Water with a Taste of Sublime completes my 5-book series in the FROG Blog. I was out of my league when I ventured into poetry, and I wrote that in the book’s disclaimer. Fortunately, some well-seasoned poets offered their literary gifts to Poetry Pod and generously guided me through new waters.

Poetry Pod: Water with a Taste of Sublime features three special surprises (hint: see pages 45-49). You may get your copies at POETRY POD: Water with a Twist of Sublime by Christina M. Eder, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® ( and other online bookstores.

Tender Bidding

Flow or Fixate

Weightless or Burdensome

Invite or Demand

Offer or Sacrifice

Remember or Don’t Forget

Unexpected or Bad

Divine or Coincidence

Reflect or Scrutinize

Different or Wrong

Wished or Expected

Blooms or Thorns

Butterfly or Hornet

Mutually taking flight

Which will land gently?


Bright candy striper

Volunteer cheerleader smiles

Dispensing sunshine

Marching Orders

Living a standard of excellence

Without a sense of permanence

On this earthly mission field

Temporarily deployed

For 50? 70? Perhaps 100 years.

I serve on this planet’s task force

Under a General Commander’s orders.

One day I will return

To my Permanent Post

To live a higher standard of excellence

In my Eternal Home.

A wounded warrior

Waiting for complete healing

Becoming what I believe.

Readers! Your turn!

This summer, what is something new you’ve tried?

What summer activities have you, or will you, do that you haven’t done in a long time?

Sending sunbeams to all,


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