When Lasix surgery was introduced, people wanted to know how effective the procedure worked. Ophthalmology industries depended on referrals to expand their business.

What would the industry look like if eye surgeons told their patients to remain silent after their successful Lasix operation? How would people explain why they no longer wore glasses or contacts?

Jesus restored two blind men’s sight in Matthew 9 and instructed them, “See that no one knows about this” (Mt. 9:30). Did Jesus intentionally use the word see when He gave this discharge instruction? How would those formerly blind men explain how their vision was suddenly restored?

Blindness was common during Jesus’ time. Sightless people required a blind trust in others to guide them. These two men were desperate to see and trusted a Man’s word to heal them. Jesus gained credibility through referrals, not online ratings, or reviews.

Out of excitement, the formerly blind men didn’t follow Jesus’ instruction, “see that no one knows about this.” Soon, their restored vision became a lighted billboard. They referred to Jesus as their Healer.

In some areas of my life, I am blind. I have inner blindness that causes me to lose sight of a larger vision. I allow disappointment, misguided truth, neglect, and pride that blocks the outlook of what God wants for, and from me.

It’s vital to find trusted guides who speak Light for our earthly journey. Sometimes out of desperation, I seek relief at any cost. It’s crucial to focus on God’s 20/20 view. He maintains His eternal five-star rating.

Perfect Ophthalmologist, thank You for my physical sight. I sometimes allow spiritual blindness to block visions You are crafting for me. Please remove all my cataracts and disease.

With (sometimes) blind faith, I leap from the lily pad of life,


Reader! Where has your sight been restored? How did you discover it?

 …and their sight was restored. Jesus warned them sternly, “See what no one knows about this” (Mt. 9:30).

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