Knee Deep: Handwritten Letters to my Creator (KNEE DEEP: A 9-Month Whirlpool of Handwritten Letters to the Creator by Christina M. Eder, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com) was released in 2020. Knee Deep has been my least marketed, most sold book of the six I’ve had published. I believe there is a Knee Deep sequel brewing. Perhaps, “Hip Waders: Stepping Deeper into Unknown Lands of Learning.”

The following piece, from a recent journal entry, is written in the style I used for Knee Deep.  I ask for your input. Your thoughts add value to me as a writer and fellow voyager on our mission trip called life!

From the FROG Blog, I anticipate your response,




Thank you for the strength of silence. I feel a tense chaos in my spirit this morning and need to slow down. Instead of a rush hour, a hush hour can bring clarity and pressure release.

In my seasonal retail job, I feel overwhelmed. The customers and aisles seem to close around me. Overloaded shelves threaten to consume my peace. Remind me to keep a Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit. Help me retain a Valentine season where love buys out materialism.

Our world is well stocked with distractions. Guard me from feeling like the entire store relies on my attention. I’m one person. I have a sole responsibility…to remain in You. It’s crucial to regularly inventory my soul health.

Protect me when I get trapped in the shopping flurries. Help me remain grateful for my job, health, smile and sharp mind. Light my path so I can uplift others. Lead me to seek calmness.

With love and gratitude for (inner) silent nights,  


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  1. I am thankful this morning for the message in your article, “Hot Off the Courageous Path.”
    You remind me to not get so entangled in the business and busy-ness of these final weeks before Christmas and the end of another year in our lives. My mind, like a discontent frog, is always trying to leap beyond the pad where I am currently. You remind me to take stock of my right-now, this-moment, existence, time and place. Inventory time can wait until January. I remember this from my own earliest years in retail at the fabric department in J.C.Penny in the late 60s and into the early 70s in my home town. God was teaching me in His Way, as I worked a number of retail jobs over my lifetime.

    1. Ironically, I’m working a seasonal job at Hobby Lobby and was originally placed in the fabric department. Looks like, as remnants, our cloth is intertwined!

      May you find Christmas miracles every day, Christina

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