It’s been a year stuffed with surprises in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

In previous FROG Blog posts, I’ve shared that my 2023 word of the year is YET.

I don’t understand x YET. I don’t see y YET. I don’t know z YET.

Some things I do know.  YET God.

These are my 2024 business declarations:

* My new website will be Christina M. Eder, a switch from   I’ll provide that link when Tom Clark, at Passion Springs Media, finishes the new site’s final tweaks.  For now, please contact me through my current email and media links.

* I’ll discontinue Facebook when my Christina M. Eder site launches. Relief, for many reasons!

* I’ve had 2 generous people teach me how to record audio clips. Another warrior offered to take my 5-minute audio clips and create “Slices of PIE with Christina Mae” on You Tube.

* I’ll make myself available to handwrite cards and marketing materials (thank you notes, holiday greetings, invitations, envelopes). People and businesses have seen the value of personalized script, so I’ve gotten increased requests for handwritten projects. Love this!

* I’ll offer company blog writing, newsletter content, and correspondence to small businesses and non-profit organizations. I’ve found that “mom and pops” and small staffs need written material but don’t have extra funds to hire an ongoing staff writer. I’ll consider “writing-as-needed” jobs, with priority to small businesses that support the greater good for all.  

* I’ll focus my life coaching business on loss support and transitional life situations (aspiring authors, empty nest, career shifts, relationship changes). Loss support coaching isn’t limited to the loss of a person or pet. It includes loss of direction, routine, motivation, health etc.

*I’ll accept new phone coaching clients. This decision came after a client told me she is more open when we have our sessions on the phone rather than in person. I respect that and this shift toward phone coaching allows me to expand my territory.

I embrace your input, especially while I align and redefine my businesses.

Let me know how I can best support you for now.

The best is YET to come. For me. For you. For all!

With anticipation,


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