Airports have countless perks that are often overlooked.

I’m aware that many of us have at least one story about an airline grievance, but really? I marvel at how many critical flash decisions are made when it comes to safety, timeliness, awareness to detail.

One staff member. One mistake could lead to numerous emergencies. One groggy employee could cause multiple collisions.

When I consider the numerous components required to operate travel, I’m gratefully surprised there aren’t more accidents, delays, and lost luggage.

I vote we include airports as a favorite retreat site.

As an author, speaker and traveling humorist, airports provide valuable services, including content for my writing and stand-up comedy skits.

Airports may not receive a 5-star rating for lodging, but think about it. Airports feature what could be classified as retreat-like amenities:

  • Food, beverages, bathrooms. Running water. Soap. Paper products.
  • Dining options. Sit down, fast food, ethnic restaurants.
  • You can knock out your gift list at vendor shops.
  • Hat, sunglasses, pillow, clothes? Airport shops have you covered.
  • Plus, they offer my favorite…bookstores!

There’s no upcharge for 24-hour security and housekeeping. Larger airports have chapels, gyms, business centers, and spa services. Some have art displays, musicians, concerts.  All in a climate-controlled environment.

But wait! There’s more! Wifi and cable TV are included in your airport retreat. Massage chairs are available at many locations.

I’ve stayed overnight and experienced delays ranging from several hours to 1 ½ days. In an overnight stay at Chicago O’Hare’s Best Inn, I realized airports offer similar accommodations as Air B & B’s.

If unexpected overnight lodging is required, staff sets up cots for you and provide a blanket and pillow. You get a wake-up shout and fluorescent lights suddenly turn on to let you know it’s time to rise and shine.   

Yes, it may be tough to leave the comfort of that perfect sleep number cot, but you and your newest cot partners fold the airport’s towel-sized blanket, fluff the thin cardboard pillow, and prepare for flight.

When you leave the sleeping quarters, staff offers consolation gifts. Typically, a baggie filled with breath mints, toothpaste, mini soap, lotion, and sometimes a coupon for discounted breakfast. All included in one ticket price!

Let’s remember how airports supply valuable observation. We’re naturally created to be aware of our surroundings. That includes people watching.

Fashion trends, people interactions and reactions. We bring our stories, quirks, and preferences. There’s access to cultures, colors, dialects from all over our world!

Who knows? Maybe we could gain college credit via airport classroom study. 

Whew! There are more reasons to vote airports among best retreat sites, but I gotta stop there. I’m nearly ready to break my lease. Before I establish airport residency today, I need to pack and head to my next retreat center….er, I mean airport.

I applaud all patient travel industry staff and passengers who help us fly toward higher elevations.

With support for universal kindness,


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