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I approach life with a “less is more and even less is even more” practice. I prefer gifting someone with generosity, kindness, gentleness, time, listening-to-understand…

Christmas and birthdays can become difficult for my circle who love gifting with material tokens of love. People ask, “If you don’t like extra material possessions, what am I supposed to get you?” My answer? Consumables and outings!

A friend challenged me to publicly post an idea list to help her understand my appreciation for minimal inventory. I rise to the challenge!

My favorite things

*Donations to inner-city schools and youth centers

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

*Donations to animal rescues and humane societies

*Gift certificates to retreat centers

*Tickets to live theatre

*Cabin/Bed & Breakfast stays

*A dream chasing/travel partner. I have at least 200 places and experiences I want to explore. So far, I’ve gotten 67 of those dreams realized.

*Workshops, classes, seminars to satisfy my insatiable curiosity to learn

*One-on-one walks and phone dates with an occasional coffee or lunch date.

There ARE some material gifts I do enjoy:

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*Candles with citrus or bakery scents (no rose, lavender or patchouli!)

*Any flavor of Dunkin Donut coffee

*Wal-Mart and JC Penney gift cards (the only two places I shop for clothes and essentials)

*Grocery gift cards (I love to cook and bake)

*Turtlenecks in every color (the kind that go all the way up the neck)

*Thick white or black socks

*Double-sized bed flannel sheets (I can never be too warm!)

*Fun print postage stamps (the FROG ones from last year are still my favorite)

*Dark chocolate (bonus if it includes mint or nuts…so the chocolate doesn’t get lonely)

*Note and thank you cards that are blank inside

*FROG stickers and stationery (FROGS have animated fun expressions)

*Orchid, turquoise and lime green are my happy colors

Readers, your turn! What gifts do you give to a “non-materially driven minimalist”? What “less material” gifts do you love to receive?

Leaping into the holiday lily pad of life from the FROG Blog,


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This is the link to my 25 minute interview with Jason Meuschke, host of The Sample Chapter Podcast.

Episode 151 went live Tuesday November 10th. It featured my first two books, “Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens and Worn-Out Underwear and FROG Blog: Learning on a Lily Pad.”


Healthy Thanksgiving month! Sharing the lily pad with turkeys and green beans,


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I’ve gained on-the-job training through the tedious process of grief. I’m rocked with a gravel pit of emotions when I lose people, animals, health and jobs. As a nature lover, I’ve sometimes felt sadness after trees have been cut down. I cringe when I see land, especially farmland, buried alive under concrete that promises “building development.”

However, I’m lily pad green when it comes to dealing with the closure of our small-town library. It’s been temporarily “quarantined for 19 reasons” since March (I avoid speaking overused buzz words to describe this worldwide 2019-2020 experience).

Image result for free pictures of library

Our library joins other libraries in their quest to house abundant resources. It provides a home for tutoring, workshops, author book signings, and hosts community events. There’s a small transient community that relies on this library as a shelter from inclement weather.

The staff greets everyone with a smile, often by first name. They are richly generous to the poor people who need computer help and research advice. (Word out on the street is that Christina M. Eder offers these caring library workers ample job security for their technological expertise)!

Since March, I’ve realized I anticipated the days when a volunteer took his dog to the children’s room to read “Tall Tales” for story hour. Since the library is across the street from our middle and high school, students could participate in their after-school programs with snacks included.

See the source image

I’m discovering that through a closure, there’s an opening of appreciation. I realize how much I miss our library community, events, staff and resources. Patrons can go online to attend virtual workshops and check out materials, but it’s not that valuable face-to-face interaction I embrace. In its absence, I’ve become more present with thankfulness. I’m eager for its doors to re-open.

For now, I pen this temporary eulogy and trust that the library hasn’t permanently checked out. While we’re on hold and unsure of its due date, I’m believing in its resurrection. Until then, I shelve my gratitude for all libraries and staff.

Closing today’s chapter of the FROG Blog,


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Newly Released! 50% of sales before September 30th from Unthawed: Lessons from a Frozen Lily Pad, will be donated to a non-profit organization.

Your book purchase will support this charitable organization that serves families who work multiple minimally paying jobs to support their families.

Electronic and printed versions of Unthawed are available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

From my Martha & Mary Writing Studio, I’m in the process of typing my handwritten letters to God from October 20-July 16th. These letters will become the next book in the FROG Blog series, “Knee Deep.”

This is my most courageous literary adventure. Below is an unedited sample from my Creator Chats notebook. Please consider it with gentle kindness.

Knee deep from the depths of my heart,


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Thank you for reminding me to claim and live by the peace you offer. Belief leads to relief. Knowledge is head, wisdom is action. When I’m unwise or restless, guide me to go to you quickly to ask for whatever I need. Thank you in advance for answering my questions and developing wisdom.  In peace, Christina

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I’m creating book #3 in the FROG Blog Series (Knee Deep in the Lily Pad of Life). As of today, I have drafted 33 pages.

While I work on Knee Deep, I’ve connected with a social media guru who’s teaching me about investing resources wisely.

Image result for Question Mark

As we gather reader data, I ask you to respond:

How often do you prefer to read blogs? (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)

What day do you typically read blogs?

Thank you for your input!

Calculating from the FROG Blog,


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I’m Knee Deep in my next book of the FROG series. Today, I take a breath to share a section from the book that started my published author career. To honor my 500 word or less FROG Blog limit, this chapter cuts off at 500 words.

From Life’s Too Short for Dull Razors, Cheap Pens and Worn-Out Underwear (available on Amazon and Kindle).



When I originally started writing this book, my purpose was to create a collection of transparent thoughts harvested from seeds of three decades of running. I wanted to portray that a sense of humor and optimism is key to running perseverance.

The written potpourri was intended to be lighthearted and comical, sometimes filled with random silliness. A few trusted people read my first drafts and graciously guided me away from my undertone of jaded flippancy. These mercifully honest people told me the book read more demeaning and preachy. They expected my natural default to sprinkle upbeat wit into everyday situations to show up on the pages. Instead, they were met with disappointment that I wrote something that was dramatically different than who I really am when they’re around. Ouch. My heart took a sucker punch because a lot of these people have known me for much of my life.

My knee-jerk reaction instantly licked my wounds. If I was going to write a book, I wanted it to have power, to stand out with a message deeper than something they’d read on the back of a furniture polish bottle. My mission in writing a book wasn’t to portray myself as a cynical broom rider with frequent flier miles on her sweeper.  My next line of defense, saturated in defensiveness, was some people reading my manuscript had obviously gotten stuffy over the years since we’ve known each other. Maybe they no longer “got” my random sense of humor.

I felt too exposed, too volatile, too embarrassed to fight back. Those first drafts required significant sweat equity. I thought I had thicker skin and more willing to accept constructive input. Had I intersected the fine lines between quick wit, sarcasm, and cynicism?  In a wearied state, I let the book sit for over two years. Fast forwarding through a litany of internal dialogue, lengthy journal entries, and a few hundred days of living the earthly experience, I received a “wider lens” perspective. After two years of manuscript dormancy, I pulled the most recent version of my book from a stack of papers. I read comments and editor remarks through a lighter filter. I read through a filter that didn’t promote fire and brimstone pulpits. I studied through a filter that didn’t accept lack of compassion. Yikes.

Thankfully, I was gently convicted enough to admit that instead of what I originally thought was refreshing transparency was raw, unbecoming cynicism. I used a written platform to mask personal unresolved issues that bit with a “get-back-at-the-world” bitter spirit. I’m eternally grateful for those people who exposed this edgy truth with loving honesty.

In my original drafts, I covered this unexplored section of my soul, fearing that readers would think I was too “out there.” Over years of running, I have accumulated fresh insights and discovered an intensely spiritual side I had not expected or sought.  So, with sincere appreciation to my writing life coach who encouraged me to dig beyond “see” level, I write this unplugged…