I’m a nature lover and frequently find coins along my walking paths. I save them in a “Change for Change” jar and when a ministry requests donations, I cash in the coins for the mission.

People who see me outside often sometimes ask why I walk so much. Walking helps collect thoughts and organize my mind. After I respond, I’ll ask the curious neighbor, “What about you? A penny for your thoughts. What is the kindest thing someone has said to you?”

Stories about generosity inspired me to begin “Penny for Your Thoughts Project.” I handwrite “Penny for Your Thoughts” at the top of a colored index card, tape a penny to it and write a question I believe will lead to uplifting conversations.

Some “Penny for Your Thoughts” questions include:

What stands out about your favorite teacher?

What are your 3 most valuable qualities in a person? How do you show those traits to others?

What is the kindest thing you’ve done for someone?

How do you show gratitude every day?

I give a “Penny for Your Thoughts” card to someone I feel led to and encourage them to share the card. Some people offer it to someone and listen to their answer.  Others use this project in certain phone chats or coworker meetings. Others say how they’ve left their “Penny for Your Thoughts” card as a surprise under the windshield wiper of a friend’s car.  

One dad put my handwritten card on their kitchen table and leads meals with a positive conversation starter.  When each person answers, he gives them a penny and jokingly says, “Great! I gave you a penny for your thoughts, now I’m gonna give you my 2 cents worth!”

Who says a penny can’t buy anything anymore?

Reader! Your turn.

What is the kindest thing you’ve done or said to someone? What was their response?

What is your most recent example of kindness?

Share your thoughts in the comment section so we can all gain valuable returns!

Sending virtual pennies to your heart strings,


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