Deposits. Withdrawals.

I looked through my bills with a shocking reality. This month, several expenses come from what I consider fear-based charges.

Car insurance.

House rental insurance.

Dental insurance. Vision insurance. Health insurance.

We live in a culture where we can buy insurance for nearly anything. From art to pets to body parts. From computer insurance to jewelry insurance.

All based on “what if?” and fear factors.

I see how many companies use the word security in their business name and marketing slogans. Be more secure. Overcome insecurity. Home security. Secure your future. And of course, social security. (Side note: for people who consider themselves anti-social, do they still qualify for social security benefits?)

We could go bankrupt simply from panic purchases. We worry we won’t have enough. We’re concerned we’ll be overpowered by tragedy. We fight anxiety that we won’t have whatever we need when something unexpected happens.

I wrestle with trusting that God, people, resources, and intuition will support anything I face. Our world was sustained before security devices and safety polices. Our creator used a voice-activated system to speak the world into existence.  

Policy and procedure updates evolve from necessity, sometimes because of damages done in a fallen world. There’s no earthly security system that prevents catastrophes or insures against weather tragedies.

I’ve learned from my walk with God that He’s the only one who unconditionally and faithfully supports me. He scores a perfect credit rating. I’ve felt mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially bankrupt, but God has somehow deposited what I need into that particular account just as I need it.

Thankfully, God doesn’t remind me how many times I’ve made withdrawals in the form of, “Lord, help!” or “I need…” or “God, how? or “How in the heck?”

For now, I pay for essential insurances. I’m grateful God provides lifework that financially supports my bills through writing, coaching, and speaking jobs. I close this FROG Blog with a reflection from my heart.

Lord, thank you for being my #1 Creditor. I appreciate your investments into my care and protection accounts. Guard me from insecurity. Help me know my worth comes from your stock market success.

With assurance,


Lover of handwritten notes, Hobby Lobby yarn and Dollar Tree gift cards

“Guide our feet in the way of peace” (Luke 1:79).

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